Thread is a like a big-end-of-town agency that’s been on an extreme health kick. How do we know? Because that’s where we’ve come from.

We’ve lost the fat, reduced the excesses and work leaner and meaner.

We handpick bespoke teams for each project to ensure you get the best talent for the job at hand. The common thread for all of us is positivity, skill, knowledge and experience – thinkers and doers who will ensure the best possible outcome.

Expect all the grunt, rigour, intelligence, process, braun and great creative thinking of a big agency.

But don’t expect it to be developed over 7 months, across 5 levels of staff and delivered at a gargantuan boardroom table adorned with an $85 fruit platter*.

It’s a more agile, efficient and collaborative affair.

And it all starts with us simply finding a common thread together.

* Nothing against fruit platters.
We just happen to know a great grocer down the road who does them for $12.50.


With big agency credentials and exclusive access to some of advertising’s top talent, our thinking and execution is as sharp as you’ll get anywhere.



We’ve been big suits in big agencies for many years and helped create big work for some of Australia’s biggest and most loved brands.



We apply the same rigorous process as the big guys but in a far more intimate and collaborative spirit with our clients. It makes for a less complicated, more streamlined, straight-from-the-horses’-mouth relationship. We like everyone’s cards on the table, everything up-front and shared. And we think you’ll love the results.



Our talent pool is of Olympic Proportions. Ok, Michael Phelps doesn’t work for us. Yet.

But there are plenty of immensely talented creative people who have left bigger agencies to go swim their own race. And because we share a common thread with them, we can call on them directly, depending exactly on what we think your brand might need.

Here’s just a sampler.

Emma Hill
Emma HillCreative
With 22 years, some very big gigs and many global awards under her very cool belt, Emma has contributed her wisdom of brand strategy, creative direction, concept development and writing to help shape what you think of brands such Bupa, Pure Blonde, Just Jeans, Leggos and Mars. So what makes Emma such a stand out? We’d say her ability to make a brand feel and sound like a real warm person and not like a big cold corporate.. She’s very smart, insightful and frankly, just delightful to work with!
Josh Robins
Josh RobinsCreative
Josh is a self-confessed original thinker – who has tried hard to think of a more original way to say that. Nevertheless, we endorse his claim and with 20 years of interrogating creative briefs, developing ideas and ensuring the pictures look amazing, the evidence speaks for itself. He has woven his magic around brands like Air New Zealand, Corona, Pure Blonde, Yellow Pages and Libra. His aim is always to make people feel something – happy, sad, funny, thoughtful. But best of all, having his ideas recited and acted out in bars and by taxi drivers.
Chris Hayden
Chris HaydenCreative
Chris’s approach is simple; to look for ideas, ideas that create change, create reactions, empower people and make something happen. With over 20 years’ experience as a conceptualiser/art director on legendary brands like adidas, Renault, Just Jeans, ANZ and Cadbury, Chris has a particular knack for visually expressing ideas. Still waters run deep – and Chris is just like that, gently coaxing the vital information by asking the questions the rest of us might have overlooked.
Bryce Ott
Bryce OttStrategy Consultant
Bryce’s career has spanned 2 continents and 3 decades. He started his career in New York after completing his MBA, but has lived in Australia since 1992. Bryce is the author of ‘Brand Positioning in a Nutshell’, outlining his approach to achieving brand clarity and consensus. He’s delivered it to the benefit of clients such as The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Southern Cross Austereo, The Royal Women’s Hospital, Victoria University and EPA Victoria. Bryce is one of the wisest people we know and he also makes a knock-out Mexican bean dip!
Robin Bowles
Robin BowlesPrint Producer
Bowlesy knows production. We’ve thrown him some challenges and he’s jumped at them every time. Often coming up with an even better solution. He’s a breeze to work with and after16 years in big agencies, knows the standards are exacting. He has an enviable network of suppliers that he calls on and works hard to deliver the previously illusive trifecta of production – good, cheap and quick – from the smallest invitation to the largest building wrap.
Nicole Frisina
Nicole FrisinaTV Producer & Director
Nic’s qualification as a journalist was the perfect start to her career as a storyteller. And her natural inclination to have things organised and under control lends itself perfectly to production management. Boom! With 12 years’ experience in Asia and Australia with cutting edge content makers like SBS, Network TEN, The Guardian and WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature) Nic was the obvious choice for our Five Tastes launch which we shot, incident free, in Thailand.
Nigel Camilleri
Nigel CamilleriTV Producer & Director
Nige has a rare mix of experience – media strategy as well as producing/directing, which gives him a unique lens on projects, especially content. With 13 years’ experience on brands like Jacob’s Creek, Land Rover, Nike and Kraft, Nige now spends much of his time producing and directing lifestyle programs with a particular emphasis on food. Which is why we chose him to work with us on Rosemount and the recipe videos we produced for Five Tastes.
Sasha Cunningham
Sasha CunninghamSocial Media Strategist
Where does she get the time? You can’t log onto LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus without finding yet other gem of digital development that’s been discovered and shared by Sasha. Digital is her passion with 15 years’ expertise in social media, content strategy, digital strategy, project management and product development. Her production knowledge, sharp strategic mind and finger on the pulse of innovation is second to none. Lucky recipients of her skill set have included big guys like NAB, Origin Energy, Fosters, Mars Snackfoods, Bupa, Dulux.
Fiona Arabatzis
Fiona ArabatzisDesigner
Fi is extremely calm and always delightful to work with, even when the pressure is on – which is pretty often at Thread! We deliver fast turn around, high quality jobs – often thanks to Fi. With 18 years’ experience on clients like Telstra, Crown, Australian Grand Prix, Motorola and Australia Post, she has the tenacity to focus on the job and get it done – fast! Her design aesthetic and attention to detail has been recognised by her many awards.
Janet Glass
Janet GlassRetail Creative Specialist
One of Janet’s key strengths is taking ideas into the retail space – which in this day and age, is no mean feat. With all products and promotions screaming for attention, Janet comes up with the goods to attain the Holy Grail – cut through. With work for Cadbury, Sorbent and Carlton Draft among others, Janet knows the pitfalls of design in a cluttered retail space – and avoids them! Her talent isn’t limited to retail – she designed the Thread website as well. Cool, eh?
Bryce White
Bryce WhiteWeb developer
Bryce has over 13 years’ hands-on experience in web and software development. Having worked with organisations who’ve built their business in the digital world such as and MYOB, you know you’re in excellent hands with Bryce. He’s results driven, self motivated, loves a prickly problem to solve and can talk in language the rest of us actually understand. In fact, Bryce assured us building this website posed no challenge at all – so let’s see if we can find something to make him really think!
Penny Burke
Penny BurkeStrategy Consultant
Penny has been making the complicated simple for nearly 30 years. (Yes, she started when she was 12.) Unlike some strategists, Penny has the ability to develop plans that have clear actions to make a significant difference to your business or project. Just ask Uncle Tobys, adidas, State and Australian Government, Specsavers or Mercedes Benz. We love working with Pen – she’s super smart, straight-shooting and brutally honest – all attributes you need to get to a really effective market positioning. She’s also a great facilitator, researcher and public speaker. We’re thrilled to have her in our pool!

But the pool wall doesn’t end there.

We also work first-hand with amazing and intelligent people who conduct research, strategic exploration, concept testing, tracking, usage & attitude and segmentation studies, and ideation.
You bring the problem and we’ll gather the right team to deliver the solution.